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Debbie Fitzgerald’s Thoughts on Words to Avoid in a Content Marketing Strategy

I came across an article on words to avoid in a Content Marketing Strategy and I’m going to be honest, I can’t for the life of me figure out why any of these words WOULD be used.  Moist??? Slacks??? I mean, even if you’re selling khaki pants to a 78 year old man, would you really call them slacks?  However, I do take issue with including Awesome and Foodie on the list. I agree with the author that both have been overused, however I think that they can be relevant.

Content to me is all about the audience. If your audience is a bunch of “Foodies”, then if you call something “Awesome,” it better BE AWESOME! Best-meal-you-ever-had, awesome. “Irregardless”, it needs to be relevant. What is the best way to do this? Custom Content. Know your audience and provide them with the type of material they are drawn to. Write it in a way that is approachable to them, with words they use, SEO will inherently be build in that way.

Then no one will have to check The Atlantic’s Dictionary of Despicable Words list, although it is rather humorous to peruse.  All this makes me also think of an article I saw on CNN a few years back, about the worst phrases to use in the office. Content isn’t rocket science, but the ball’s in your court to drill down the message and reach your target.