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Un-Mask Your Marketing Plans for the Rest of 2020

Un-Mask Your Marketing Plans for the Rest of 2020

The US is bracing — state by state — for the reintegration and reopening of the economy. Now is the time for brands, after spending most of the first half of the year being reactive to the shutdowns and changes in their business, to be proactive in planning their marketing communications efforts for the rest of the year.


To begin the strategic planning process, marketers must recognize that the business and marketing landscapes have certainly changed. Red flags are up in many areas, from unprecedented purchasing behaviors and low consumer confidence levels to media utilization and declining advertising dollars. USB Financial Services research says that three-quarters of ad executives plan to cut the remainder of their 2020 ad spending by five percent or more directly as a result of the pandemic.1 That means needing to be even smarter with marketing budgets. You can look at one silver lining here: with media outlets ‘starved’ for advertisers, now may be a good time to get great deals and lock in programming and rates.

Consumption of media is dramatically different in our ‘new normal’ as well. For example, streaming is nearly double what it was a year ago, and TV viewership in many metropolitan areas has risen almost 20 percent since under quarantine;2 outdoor consumption, on the other hand — as viewed through the lens of media spending — is down by double digits.3 Radio is the only near constant; according to Neilsen, 83 percent of consumers say they’re tuning in to radio as much or more than before.4


Your new marketing has to begin with the new you. What’s different about the way your product or service is relevant and utilized in these evolving conditions? Maybe your brand will stay the same, but you’ll need a new way to engage and motivate a spending-shy consumer and business marketplace to choose you. Customers of all kinds are going to be scrutinizing their opportunities for the best value proposition. Perhaps your business has leapfrogged into newer territories with all that has emerged from this pandemic. In the healthcare industry, for example, tele-medicine and video visits, once a nice add-on, have become the norm. Groceries, delivery services, and other e-commerce organizations are some of the few sectors that actually gained during the pandemic.5 Schools from kindergarten to university jumped online. Innovative salons have packaged personalized hair color with video instructions for client pickup. More people are working from home, and will remain so — assisted by both technology and those groups that deliver telecommunication platforms.

Educating your customer

For consumer brands, marketing may involve connecting the dots for your audience: the same quality products and services are still available, just now through a different experience or with more options. This can give rise to a consumer-education-through-marketing approach. By acknowledging the changes in your customers’ needs and closely examining the ways they have been affected — bringing your services to them in new ways and highlighting those assets with innovative messaging — you can turn the demand into an opportunity.

Anticipating need, providing support

With business-to-business organizations, how can you leverage your people, processes, and technologies to close the gap for your customers? Several accounting, legal, banking, and other professional service providers stepped up in support for the Paycheck Protection Program and other grant and loan programs that came into play. MindShare reports that there is an uptick in brand awareness and loyalty for those brands that have helped people through this tough time.6 Clients recognize and appreciate this support, so how can you assist and support your clients as we all reopen to a slightly tilted landscape? Know that just the fact that you came through the pandemic allows you to claim being better, smarter, and stronger, and proves your agility. You can truly market your brand as being a survivor.

For marketing strategy and creative firepower during this time of change and new beginnings, look to an agency like DavidHenry Marketing & Media. For more information, contact us at







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Tips for staying innovative, productive, and on top of your game while working in quarantine.

There is no doubt that our lives have slowed down like we’re on an airplane sitting on the tarmac waiting for takeoff. We know we will eventually get to head towards our planned destination, but for now many of us are in an unusual holding pattern. Yet just because we are somewhat “off” our traditional structured meetings, calls, emails, and work functions does not mean the right side of our brain has to sit idle.

Here are a few ways to stay innovative and creative, and to do your best work while the heroes on the front line help us fight through this difficult time with COVID-19/coronavirus.


Changes in your job responsibilities provide an opportunity to paint a new picture. What do your next 60-90-120 days look like now? What do you want to accomplish? The shock should be over that many of the projects you were currently working on have either been adjusted, delayed, or cancelled — so what can you do to further the growth of your job mission, individually or as a member of your business team? One hundred and twenty days from now, what would make you feel as if you had been productive and had exceeded your own expectations? Perhaps set three business goals and three personal goals. And make them SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. This will give you structure, help you set a path, and provide direction in an unpredictable time.


If you’ve been watching the news to stay apprised of what’s happening in the world, you’ll probably know what New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expressed. He leads his teams with two things in mind: ‘Excelsior,’ the state motto, which is a Latin word meaning “ever upward” or “still higher,” and “E pluribus unum,” which means “out of many, one.” During this unprecedented pandemic the acts of kindness, heroism, and strength from the people on the front line have been truly admirable. What drives them? What inspires them? In the end, it is their desire to be their best; their understanding that their cause is greater than any fear they are facing; their knowledge that unity and teamwork are what is saving lives and helping people who are sick get better; and their awareness that it is their efforts that are allowing others to get the food, shelter, and clothing they need. We all miss our co-workers, we miss our daily lives — but let this be an inspiration to all of us to use this time to “rise up” — to understand and improve our own minds and be stronger when we come back together.


If medical personnel, first responders, grocery clerks, delivery people, and sanitation workers are the physical front lines against COVID-19, the emotional front lines are the artists, musicians, actors, comedians and art institutions that are opening up their worlds to us. There is much emotional, spiritual, and intellectual enlightenment to be gained while you allow yourself the breathing time that looking at great works of art or listening to fun, passionate, or thought-provoking music offers. Did you watch the iHeart Living Room concert? Here are four hours of music medicine from QuestLove for you hip hop heads – Never visited the Temple of Dendur at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Go to There’s free theatre at  Watch, listen, enjoy — and let the colors, shapes, and sounds refresh your mind, allowing your own creativity to come through.


Dr. Brene’ Brown, in her popular and insightful TED talk “The Power of Vulnerability,” presents research and analysis that supports the hypothesis that humans need connection. “Connection is why we are here. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. Neurobiologically, it’s how we are wired.” To watch, go to . While in quarantine, it is easy to fall into isolation — to not make calls and just text or email for most of your communications. This is a mistake. Schedule ‘live’ calls, including video calls via Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or otherwise for at least some of your business and personal calls each day. To be your best, make sure you are encouraging friends, colleagues, and others to do the same. As always, surround yourself with good people with positive, inspiring attitudes. Use LinkedIn, FaceBook, and other tools to reach out to older or new connections. Be proactive and be inspired.


Dare to surprise yourself. What is something that you always wanted to try but you couldn’t because of time? Now, time is surely on your side. Write a paper, write a book, work out (many free home workout routines are available now), lose some weight…whatever your goal is, now you can put a plan around it and execute it.

Just because life has changed in the short term, don’t think you can’t accomplish things you have never accomplished before. Go get it!

For comments, more information or collaboration, please feel free to contact me anytime — or 908.531.0100.



As a proud sponsor of the Little League World Series, UPMC wanted to showcase its support of the players and that they always are here dedicated to their health as a healthcare resource.  This integrated campaign was utilized in almost every form of available media throughout the LLWS reaching tens of thousands people in all.





Meritus Urgent Care provides instant gratification to patients within the service area by offering convenient access to caring physicians and staff. This Unbearable campaign was rated nationally as the most effective from industry professionals, primarily by giving people warm and fuzzy feelings about MUC as an organization, and therefore brand preference.




Cancer care through the women’s services offered at UPMC Susquehanna has led to amazing stories from life-saving procedures.  This series featuring women who beat cancer highlights that the connectedness between caregivers and patients that was a critical component to their experiences end successful results.
UPMC Cancer

Check out the patient video stories here >






DavidHenry Marketing & Media Helps World-Leader Vestergaard Get The Word Out


Vestergaard is a global company innovating game-changing solutions that contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.  More than one billion people benefit from Vestergaard’s products, which include PermaNet®, ZeroFly®, LifeStraw®, and CarePack® – all of which help developing countries protect their citzens, educate them, and provide tools for necessary resources like water.

DavidHenry Marketing & Media works closely with Vestergaard to craft creative communications for their branded products and their corporate programs. Here are a few pages from the 2017 Humanitarian Entrepreneurship Report as an example. For more information contact us at




DavidHenry Marketing & Media “Kicks Off” New Professional Flag Football League


DavidHenry Marketing & Media was hired to create an internet brand presence for the newly formed American Flag Football League. The AFFL will capture the energy and fun of America’s fastest growing youth sport by showcasing the skills and personalities of world class athletes. Exciting news for the AFFL was announced yesterday as former NFL Quarterback Michael Vick has signed on to play in a trial game. For more information on the AFFL visit their website.

Read Michael Vick article on

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DavidHenry Marketing & Media launches the next phase of the ‘NOW I CAN’ ad series for The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey

DavidHenry Marketing & Media launches the next phase of the ‘NOW I CAN’ ad series for The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey

     The Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey is a multi-location, orthopedic practice that cares for patients of all ages with injuries and conditions of all kinds throughout northern and central New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. From healing injuries received on the playing field to replacing hips, from persistent back pain to painful shoulder aches — the Orthopedic Institute of New Jersey treats them all.  The NOW I CAN campaign is an integrated promotional series that features the outcomes for these diverse patient populations – and continues with the NOW I CAN Andrew Nee story in print, outdoor, social media, digital, pandora radio and other interactive outlets. Watch this young athlete’s inspirational comeback story on video (click play button above).



DavidHenry Marketing & Media launches ‘GORGEOUS LEGS – All of the Time’ ad campaign for Vein Institute

For years, Vein Institute of New Jersey (formerly under the brand The Vein Center) at Cardiovascular Care Group, has relied on DavidHenry Marketing & Media to deliver engaging and compelling campaigns for their varicose vein and spider vein treatment services. “Women want, and deserve to have, gorgeous legs all of the time. This ad series features the lifestyle of our target audience, and how they want their legs to look,” stated David Fink, President and Chief Communications Officer.  The Cardiovascular Care Group and Vein Institute of New Jersey have board certified vascular specialists in eight locations throughout New Jersey.




David Fink Shares Effective Marketing Strategies For Urgent Care Centers in Urgent Care Magazine


When Urgent Care Magazine needed a subject matter expert on effective communications for Urgent Care Centers, they interviewed our President and Chief Communications Officer, David Fink.  Read this interesting and informative feature article, PLANTING SEEDS: Effective Marketing Has Local Roots’ by Sally Smith, on Page 4 of the magazine which can be viewed here.