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DavidHenry Marketing & Media establishes new communications platform –‘EXTRAORDINARY DOCTORS’ — for Meritus Medical Group (physician network of Meritus Health)

Meritus_mediaAcross the country, hospitals and large medical groups continue to expand their networks of fully employed and affiliated physician practices. Both general and speciality healthcare providers (independents and groups) have increasing pressures to attract and retain patients and referring parties in highly competitive service areas.  Meritus Health, located in Hagerstown, Maryland, has the benefit of a long-standing reputation in their region (western Maryland, eastern West Virginia, and southern Pennsylvania). “It’s not only important for us to tout the top doctors, impressive facilities and resources available through the network that Meritus Medical Group brings as part of Meritus Health, but also for us to present them in a way that truly connects the audience to those unique selling points over competing physician group practices in the area,” shares David Fink, President and Chief Communications Officer for DavidHenry Marketing & Media. “In this situation, we developed a message platform that could be utilized for the entire system’s communication program, and tweaked it based on the specialties being promoted. It brings the common denominator — patients’ experiences with their doctors — to the forefront. In the end, it’s these ‘Extraordinary Doctors’ who offer comfort and trust for Meritus Medical Group patients and referring parties.”  Media for the Meritus Medical Group’s ‘Extraordinary Doctors’ campaign includes outdoor, radio, print, and other regional advertising with support collateral.



DavidHenry Marketing & Media President Speaks at 2015 Hospital Marketing National Conference

DavidHenry Marketing & Media President, David Fink has just delivered a keynote presentation at the 2015 Hospital Marketing National Conference on Integrated Communications: Service Line Marketing.11415544_10153155837084219_619422515086033735_o


RUMC’s WIC Program

DavidHenry recently created and launched Richmond University Medical Center’s WIC (women, infants and children) program awareness campaign. Advertising includes bus shelters, ferries’ dioramas, print media, direct mail and event communications in select areas.




David Fink to Speak at 2015 DTC Hospital Marketing National Conference

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.40.11 PM


DavidHenry Marketing & Media President and Chief Communications Officer David Fink will be speaking at this year’s DTC Hospital Marketing National Conference. Conference attendees include hospital marketing executives from around the country, industry pr and media representatives, healthcare network marketers, ad agencies, government officials, and others.

As an expert in healthcare marketing, Fink was recruited to share his insight and case studies related to integrated communications for hospitals with a focus on service line marketing. His presentation is geared towards the planning and developing of marketing efforts for hospitals/medical centers; tying a corporate branding strategy to service line marketing, developing a campaign platform, evaluating and leveraging both local and regional media, and repurposing a service line campaign for other needs.

This year’s conference, which will be in Atlanta, Georgia, is set to take place over the course of three days, with Fink’s presentation on Friday, June 19th at the Four Seasons Atlanta.

To register for this event, visit the conference website.


Who’s ready to connect and play with the Bluebee Pals?!

Great time putting together this campaign for holiday season! Look for this 30 sec spot on Sprout, E! Television, and up on the big screen in Times Square – and buy your bluetooth enabled Bluebee Pals at and Toys R Us. Best of luck to Laura and her team at Kayle Concepts!!


Marketing Healthcare Today Features DHA’s Aria Campaign


Marketing Healthcare Today (MHT) is a national publication that reaches top healthcare marketing professionals. The most recent issue has a cover feature that presents the award-winning (Aster Gold) fully integrated advertising campaign that DavidHenry Marketing & Media developed for Aria 3B Orthopaedic Institute.  The enclosed is a copy of that article. Enjoy!

David Henry Aria 3B MHT Article


DavidHenry Marketing & Media Wins Two Gold Aster Awards


Westfield, N.J. – DavidHenry Marketing and Media is pleased to announce the acceptance of two Gold Aster Awards for 2014. The Aster Awards is one of the largest national healthcare advertising and marketing competitions, and is hosted by Marketing Healthcare Today magazine and Creative Images, Inc. The awards were given for creative work for clients Aria Health and Overlook Medical Center in the Service Line – Orthopedic Services Campaign and Physician Directory categories.

The winning entry for Aria Health was the “Remember When (Orthopaedic)” service line initiative. This integrated communications campaign was for Aria Health’s 3B Orthopaedic Institute that opened in January 2013. After a successful launch effort in early 2014, the “Remember When” campaign featured middle-aged male and female orthopaedic patients remembering how good it feels to have an active lifestyle (swimming, baseball, tennis, dancing, bike riding) in print, outdoor, radio, interactive and direct mail mediums.

The winning entry for Overlook Medical Center was for “Overlook View Physician Directory 2013.” DavidHenry has been publishing “the View” for Overlook Medical Center for over seven years. “Overlook View” reaches nearly 100,000 households and is the hospital’s number one marketing vehicle. The annual directory lists all of the medical staff and is used as a reference in the community.

Aster Gold Awards are only issued to creative works that score between a 95 and a 99 (top 5% of the nation). “The creativity of this year’s healthcare marketing professionals continues to be at an all time high. The 2014 Aster Awards program contained some of the best advertising arguably in the world,” said Melinda Lucas, Aster Awards Program Coordinator.



Here’s the first in our series for marketing executives and managers to ensure nothing slips through the cracks when it comes to creating an effective content marketing strategy for your brands.  Today’s feature:  PRODUCT EDUCATION

                                                                                                                                                                                                            content                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Too often marketers don’t think about bringing value to consumers as a way of educating them.  And oftentimes, marketers over-think messaging and give consumers far more than they really need.  When developing a content marketing strategy, it’s important to think about how you’re going to educate your consumer to the point of moving them to action.  Never want to knock them over the head…you want to make them appreciate you and want to come back for more. At the end of the day, educating doesn’t just start and end with your end user.  You want to make it easy for not only prospects, but existing customers, industry influencers, media, and other constituents to understand your product, and in an easily digestible way. Give them the option to have short, easy-to-read pieces (through text, audio, video segments) and then drill down as desired. Think advertorials, sponsored content, and other ways to feature your product in a way that consumers like to get actionable education about, and engagement with your brand. And in the end, add the human touch. Make sure that if and when the customer wants to speak to a live person who can answer questions, it supports a positive educational phase of the customer product lifecycle. Don’t underestimate your consumers’ ability and desire to understand your product – be ready!  It’s the marketers that are most ready that will move more people to action and generate more demand for brands.  If all you do is hard sell and don’t educate and bring value to those listening to you or reading about you, you’ll be hard pressed to make many friends!

To learn more about how DavidHenry has helped clients improve their client’s messaging by building a better product education story, contact us at

Author: David Fink ( David Fink is the President of DavidHenry Marketing & Media, a company that specializes in branding, content marketing and integrated communications programs. He is also the founder and publisher of the interactive sports and fitness media company American Athlete which publishes American Athlete Magazine.


DavidHenry Marketing and Media Wins 7 Service Industry Advertising Awards!

March 21, 2014—- WESTFIELD, NEW JERSEY DavidHenry Marketing and Media, along with their client partners, are pleased to announce that they have received seven major awards for their collaborative work in custom publishing, healthcare advertising, integrated marketing and general creative services by the Service Industry Advertising Awards, who announced their 11th Annual Advertising Award winners this past month. A national panel of judges awarded those whose entries displayed exceptional quality, creativity and message effectiveness.

DavidHenry Marketing and Media and their client partners are honored to receive the following awards:

Gold Award:
E-Publication: American Athlete Magazine, London Olympics Edition
Magazine (Single Ad): Cardiovascular Care Group’s Vein Institute Beautiful Ad

Silver Award:
Newsletter: American Athlete Magazine E-Newsletter
Logo: Core Reliance

Merit Award:
Website: Core Reliance
Special Video: Rahway Redevelopment Agency Documentary
Publication: Overlook Medical Center’s Overlook View, March 2013

The Service Industry Advertising Awards began in 2003 to recognize the advertising excellence of the service industry. The 11th annual Service Industry Advertising Awards continues to recognize the advertising excellence from service industry providers. More than 500 advertising agencies and over 1,000 institutions participated in these awards.

DavidHenry is a full-service marketing and media company based in Westfield, N.J. providing branding, integrated marketing, custom publishing and interactive solutions. DavidHenry helps companies achieve their business goals, increase their market share and enrich their bottom line. DavidHenry works with leading business-to-consumer and business-to-business brands in a diverse group of industries. To learn more about DavidHenry and how its talented team generates demand for companies, visit or email


American Athlete Magazine’s Highly Anticipated Winter 2014 Issue For iPad Arrives

Interactive Magazine Features Dynamic Content Designed to Educate, Entertain and Inspire Athletes at All Levels of Competition

Continuing the momentum created by its breakout issues, American Athlete Magazine, one of the preeminent digital sports and fitness publications, announced today that its Winter 2014 issue is here and ready for download. The newest issue (American Athlete Magazine Winter 2014) is available on iPad; it can be found in the App Store for Apple iPad and the store in Apple’s Newsstand (via iPad).



“The enthusiasm for our brand, content platform, and extended media has been phenomenal,” said David Fink, founder and publisher of American Athlete Magazine. “As always, we have included interviews and insights from athletes at all levels of competition for this issue.  It is filled with educational features and inspirational stories, and capitalizes on the interactive platform to bring a unique and entertaining tablet/digital experience.”

American Athlete Magazine Winter 2014 issue’s cover story, “Showtime in Sochi,” examines the XXII Olympic Winter Games—the world’s largest and most-anticipated international athletic competition.  American Athlete presents an introduction to the sporting events and some of the athletes who are competing, including gold medal contender snowboarder and half-pipe specialist Greg Bretz. Complementing the cover story is an extended piece, “The DNA of a Champion,” focused on Sidney Crosby, the captain of Canada’s Olympic hockey team and the Pittsburgh Penguins, who attributes his success to the right genetics, determination and grit.

The recently unveiled issue also includes the following profiles that encourage readers to pursue their own sports and fitness goals:

  • “Armed and Ready with JPP”: New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul provides a glimpse into how he spends his days; his thoughts on nutrition, fitness and health; and the blood, sweat and tears that translate into his game-changing fitness abilities.
  • “Bodies in Motion with the Rockettes”: The trainer of the legendary Rockettes discusses how the group’s unwavering discipline keeps them in shape and on-point as they dance in unison for 45 minutes out of every 90-minute show—four times a day, seven days a week.
  • “Operation Fitness: Mike Torchia”: Operation Fitness owner and Elite Fitness trainer Mike Torchia talks about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how that evolved from following his top inspiration, Jack LaLanne. He discusses the “Shape Up America” campaign, designed to motivate people across the country to increase daily physical activity and develop better eating habits.

Additional features include ‘Food For Fuel,’ nutritional tips from the L.A. Lakers head strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco; ‘More Than A Marathon,’ which shares stories of Chicago Marathon runners and their sources of inspiration; and ‘The Game Changer,’ with professional athlete and actor Mark Eisenhart, who tells readers about the key life decisions that helped him transform his very unhealthy body into one in prime physical condition.

“American Athlete Magazine transcends the traditional sports and fitness publishing model both in the content and experience we provide. Our athletes, trainers, sponsors, partners, and other participants are passionate about sports and fitness,” stated Fink. “Our magazine is geared towards addressing their needs with rich content including sports medicine, mental toughness, personal training, human interest stories, nutrition, and other takeaways that go well beyond the routine sports coverage and fitness tips offered in many current industry publications.”

American Athlete’s expansion is a direct result of its fast-growing audience, which includes its e-newsletter subscribers (who are now in the hundreds of thousands) and Facebook followers (over 11,000) who have shared images and videos of themselves sporting their American Athlete gear. The magazine has garnered ringing endorsements from leading sponsors Body Armor, Operation Fitness, SportsUp and Europa Sports.

To download the full experience of the American Athlete Magazine Winter 2014 issue, visit the App Store for Apple iPad or the Store in Apple’s Newsstand (via iPad).

About American Athlete Magazine

American Athlete Magazine is an innovative new interactive publication focused on the American Athlete’s inner life: Mind, Body & Spirit. Unlike other sports publications, American Athlete Magazine goes beyond routine event coverage, analysis and stats to present readers with true portraits of what it’s like and what’s required to compete at the most challenging levels. American Athlete Magazine is dedicated to and written for amateur, college and professional athletes, coaches, trainers, general managers, sports product developers—and anyone who is passionate about sports or curious to learn the story behind the story of the American Athlete.  For more information on American Athlete Magazine, visit or contact us at 800.310.8250 or Connect with American Athlete Magazine on Facebook.

DavidHenry Marketing & Media ( is the branding, content marketing and publishing company for American Athlete Magazine.