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RUMC’s WIC Program

DavidHenry recently created and launched Richmond University Medical Center’s WIC (women, infants and children) program awareness campaign. Advertising includes bus shelters, ferries’ dioramas, print media, direct mail and event communications in select areas.




David Fink to Speak at 2015 DTC Hospital Marketing National Conference

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 5.40.11 PM


DavidHenry Marketing & Media President and Chief Communications Officer David Fink will be speaking at this year’s DTC Hospital Marketing National Conference. Conference attendees include hospital marketing executives from around the country, industry pr and media representatives, healthcare network marketers, ad agencies, government officials, and others.

As an expert in healthcare marketing, Fink was recruited to share his insight and case studies related to integrated communications for hospitals with a focus on service line marketing. His presentation is geared towards the planning and developing of marketing efforts for hospitals/medical centers; tying a corporate branding strategy to service line marketing, developing a campaign platform, evaluating and leveraging both local and regional media, and repurposing a service line campaign for other needs.

This year’s conference, which will be in Atlanta, Georgia, is set to take place over the course of three days, with Fink’s presentation on Friday, June 19th at the Four Seasons Atlanta.

To register for this event, visit the conference website.


Happy Holidays from The DavidHenry Agency!


Out of the Park! – The DavidHenry Agency Helps the New Jersey Jackals Kick Off their 2012 Season

Seeking a fresh perspective and new look for their 2012 pocket schedule, the New Jersey Jackals made the final selection to partner with The DavidHenry Agency  (DHA) for the schedule’s redesign and repositioning, adding to DHA’s growing sports entertainment/media client portfolio.

Previously used primarily as a game schedule, DHA configured the content to not only promote the 2012 season, but sell individual and group tickets, parties, sponsorships, daily specials and promotions, and display advertisements in a format that provides all elements with maximum viewer exposure.  Select components of the schedule will be used as poster backs for schedule distribution, fliers, and additional sales tools providing a cost effective way for the Jackals to further promote the team, games, and event opportunities to various audiences.

Based out of Yogi Berra Stadium on the campus of Montclair State University, in Little Falls, New Jersey, the Jackals are a member of the Canadian-American Association of Professional Baseball.

The DavidHenry Agency is a full-service marketing and media company based in Westfield, New Jersey.  For more information, send an email to or call 908.389.1200, ext. 108.


The DavidHenry Agency partners with ‘One of America’s 50 Best Hospitals’, Hackensack University Medical Center, to deliver custom publishing services for H Magazine.

Hackensack, NJ – The DavidHenry Agency has developed a partnership with Hackensack University Medical Center to design, produce and distribute Hackensack’s new community focused health and lifestyle magazine called H. The inaugural issue, the Summer issue, was launched in late June to approximately 100,000 affluent households across Bergen and Passaic Counties in NJ. The magazine combines informative health and lifestyle editorial content in an engaging, easy-to-read format. The Summer issue covered a wide range of topics, from the facilities at the Joseph M. Sanzari Children’s Hospital to Skin Cancer awareness, Movement Disorders and Healthy Eating.

The magazine also has a unique tracking mechanism which serve as a key measurement tool for the hospital. Thus far, there has been a very positive reaction from Hackensack’s medical staff, other hospital employees and members of the community, and local advertisers are beginning to leverage the magazine to communicate with these audiences. Elizabeth Stoler, a mother of two in Montvale commented “I was really pleased to get this magazine in the mail recently. It has already helped my husband and I learn about topics that are important to us and our children. I also find it helpful to learn more out about local businesses in the community that we were not previously aware of.” Greg Feder, Executive Vice President of The DavidHenry Agency said “Partnering with the team at Hackensack has been great right from the start. They are extremely committed to providing the most advanced care and facilities along with the the best patient experience to the community”.

To learn more about how The DavidHenry Agency’s custom publishing programs might help your organization achieve its objectives, click here


NFL Alumni Association’s Grand Opening ‘Kicks-Off’ a Great New Partnership

Newark, NJ – The NFL Alumni (NFLA), newly headquartered in Newark, NJ, hosted a grand opening event at One Washington Park, a 17-story high-rise across from Newark Bears & Eagles Stadium on Wednesday evening, July 28, 2010.  The event was well attended by local dignitaries, including Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, as well as NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Giants owner John Mara, NFLA Executive Director George Martin, as well as Mrs. Sylvia Mackey, wife of football great John Mackey, in whose memory the office’s conference room — “The 88 Room” — was dedicated.

As the fraternal organization for all retired NFL players, the NFLA is focused on advocating for those players’ rights and benefits, including retirement, pension, and healthcare, medical research, and employment opportunities post active play.  As the NFLA’s marketing and communications partner, The DavidHenry Agency was recognized for their successful partnership with the organization, and for their contributions to the office space personalization including the design, production, and installation of wall murals, sidelights and the custom engraved wall art for George Martin’s office.

Shelley Schoenfeld, Director of New Accounts for The DavidHenry Agency said “We were very proud to be part of this special evening, and prouder still to be partnered with such a professional, exciting, and forward thinking organization, on its path to changing the way retired NFL players take advantage of the next stage of their lives after active play.” 

Click here to learn more about how The DavidHenry Agency’s integrated marketing communications services can help drive your business objectives.


Smart Talk Series — Web Marketing Now!

The DavidHenry Agency


February 17, 2010

As long-standing members of the NJAdClub, it was exciting for The DavidHenry Agency to coordinate the Web Marketing Now! program that was held February 17, 2010 at MediaMix in Allendale, New Jersey.

The evening kicked off with networking and tours of MediaMix, a state of the art production facility, full service sound stage and television studio.  Approximately 50 attendees from the tri-state area toured the facility and spoke with colleagues while enjoying dinner provided by MediaMix.

Dinner was followed by presentations from Patrick Grandinetti, Senior Agency Relations Manager, Omnicom team at Google; Matt Prohaska, Former Vice President of Sales, AOL North America Advertising; and Gene Sower, President, Samson Media.  Presentations focused on how marketers can maximize their messaging opportunities and track response using the internet as their platform, latest technologies for search engine optimization (SEO), and social media marketing and its relevance in today’s marketplace.

For more information on the event or copies of the presentations, please email You can view a video of the entire presentation here


David Fink, President and Chief Communications Officer of the DavidHenry Agency, Speaks to Commerce Magazine

Commerce Magazine

Westfield, NJ – May 15, 2009In the October issue of Commerce, the magazine took 10 of New Jersey’s top advertising agency executives and sat down with them to discuss the anatomy of a successful ad campaign. When David Fink, President and Chief Communications Officer at The David Henry Agency was posed the question, “How can a company establish a brand in niche markets? What are the elements of a successful branding campaign?” he responded:

“As a brand, you need to act like a politician and get your vote out, tell people who you are, what you stand for and what you can do for them. Establish credibility and tell them why you are unique—especially when there are well-known companies providing your product or service in your prospective markets. Establish a platform for your marketing efforts that specifically addresses the needs and wishes of the niche community and how you will fulfill those needs. Retain some key industry people to be your “cheerleaders” (those who already cast a large shadow: consultants, leading manufacturers, media, others). Announce your ‘ticket’ by executing a comprehensive marketing/PR/media plan that not only makes a splash but also sets the stage for a long-term sustained campaign. Having the right offer with the right story and the right people supporting you is a terrific foundation for capturing the lion’s share of a vertical market.”

Commerce magazine is an offshoot of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey (CIANJ), which was established in 1927 and has approximately 950 members. These members range from Fortune 500 companies like Hertz Corporation, Ingersoll-Rand, Continental Airlines, Stryker, PSE&G, Sharp, and Sony to emerging companies and sole proprietorships representing all areas of business and industry.

The DavidHenry Agency is a full-service creative communications agency that provides an array of strategic, design, interactive and production services to some of the world’s leading business-to-business and business-to-consumer brands, government agencies and local/state organizations in diverse industries. These services include the planning, development, implementation and tracking of all marketing initiatives and the media/materials that drive them.

For more information contact the DHA Public Relations department at


Systems Development and Strategic Marketing – Same Approach, Superior Results by David Fink, President, CCO, The DavidHenry Agency

Tech News Magazine

Westfield, NJ – May 15, 2007As a technologist, you are trained to think about “process” – your mind understands systems and how they are built so that they address the needs of customers, provide scalability, and can adapt to customers’ changing needs. Your process-orientation enables you to systematically plan, develop, implement and track the success of your systems and solutions, and how they relate to the customer’s internal and external operations. You are essentially establishing a solid platform from which additional modules or services can be added or manipulated without affecting the integrity of your initial design.

Now that you have mastered this process and approach to systems development, you can apply the same techniques to get your product or service to market. How?

When you approach the marketing communications planning process, it is very similar to the way a technology solutions provider develops an application or system.

Consider This Six-Phase Planning Process:

Step 1 – Understand The Vision: If you are a technology solutions provider, chances are that your project team conducts an initial kick-off session with your customer when beginning a new project. This forum is used to clearly define the vision of the project, understand the goals and milestones, and evaluate the resources that will drive the project to completion. Similarly, as a marketer, you must understand and define your vision, business and marketing objectives, and how the resources and operations of an organization may enhance or impede its marketing initiatives.

Additionally, at this stage of development it is important to identify the unique selling proposition (USP) of your products and/or services, analyze the competition, and begin to conduct a thorough market opportunity assessment. The planning team has then effectively obtained the necessary data to make informed recommendations for the marketing program. Use this fact-finding mission to further develop target audience profiles, review market trends, and outline the ways in which the program can best leverage the communication and distribution channels available to your organization. Typically you can create a “Project Brief” that summarizes the findings to ensure that all parties involved are “on the same page.”  Is this sounding familiar?  It should.

Step 2 – Complete The Discovery Phase: In this phase of systems development, technology professionals often evaluate the specific resources, environmental conditions and other variables that can impact decisions related to the project. From a marketing standpoint, this includes a detailed review of the resources required to execute the plan and systems in place to track results and analyze the return on investment.  This guides the planning team in determining the best use of budgeted funds, personnel, partner relationships, communications tools and other key resources to achieve goals and objectives detailed during Step 1.

A detailed analysis and review of the resources required for future planning and their associated costs are integrated into your program recommendations and a “Menu of Opportunity” is built. Outline the costs to develop materials that support the communications platform, organize the marketing and media plan and budget, and clearly outline how each initiative will impact the business and marketing objectives.

Step 3 – Design Your Playbook: For most technology solutions providers, this is the phase in which they deliver a “Requirements Planning” document – essentially a project game plan. Similarly, you can put on your marketing hat and create a playbook that includes the program overview, goals and objectives, program milestones, resources required, pricing and promotions, media plan, team utilization, and other implementation requirements.  The marketing program, or playbook, also should include a timeline and complete budget.

Step 4 – Make Critical Decisions: At this stage, key decision makers discuss and review the recommendation and work together to finalize the plan that will be executed, its timeframe and budget.  This finalized plan should be organized in a binder which then serves as a blueprint for the program.

Step 5 – Manage Your Development: During this phase, programmers create the tools needed to implement a system. For your marketing, this is the stage where you need to design and produce all of the relevant communications material that will drive your marketing program.  This may include collateral material, web site development, advertising, public relations, sales materials, video production, events or tradeshow graphics, promotions, direct marketing, and ancillary interactive marketing solutions.  Make sure you have ample time for internal reviews and revisions throughout this process.

Step 6 – Ensure Effective Deployment: This is the beginning of the execution phase which includes the selection of team members at each level to support the implementation, management and reporting for the plan.  This ensures that each team member is working from the plan and using common tracking and reporting tools.

Remember, your products and services and can not be a “Field of Dreams” approach – “Build It and They Will Come.” To get your company’s offerings to market, leverage your process-orientation and the planning process described above to develop a strategic marketing plan that is in line with your business goals.