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The DavidHenry Agency Opens Space Farms’ 2012 Season with a ROOOOAAAARRRRR!

As the agency of record for Space Farms Zoo and Museum located in Sussex County, New Jersey, The DavidHenry Agency is implementing their 2012 integrated marketing plan for this season, running March 31, 2012 through October 31, 2012.

Program components include the strategy, development, and roll out of the 2012 Space Farms media plan, a rebranding campaign consisting of updated creative for Space Farms’ outdoor, print, TV and radio promotion; design, development, and management of the newly redesigned, and creation and management of the Space Farms Zoo and Museum YouTube channel.

Understanding the importance of including both traditional and modern tools in their marketing mix, Space Farms is excited about the launch of their summer 2012 campaign. The media incorporates the theme of American Idol, the popular reality TV singing competition, with a spin-off “Animal Idol” as Space Farms’ animals — including Scotty the Scottish Cow, Leslie the Llama and Eugene the Yak — show off their vocal skills under the direction of Bobby Barakat, the Animal Idol Master of Ceremonies. The newly launched and the Space Farms Zoo and Museum YouTube channel promote the 2012 media and extend the updated brand platform for Space Farms.

Says Parker Space, third generation owner and operator of Space Farms, “As a tourist destination for families in a radius of about 80 miles from our zoo and museum, we know that it’s crucial for our guests to learn more about us online as they plan their trip. Our new website portrays the fun times families have when they visit, and also give them the opportunity to plan their trip with access to directions, admission pricing, zoo and museum information, and the ability to pre-order group tickets. is directly tied to our Facebook page through Facebook’s social plug in, so all of our posts, contests and information on Facebook is directly fed to our new site – we love it!”

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The DavidHenry Agency/DHA Publications is launching a new interactive sports and fitness publication – American Athlete Magazine

The DavidHenry Agency/DHA Publications is in the process of launching a new, digital sports and fitness publication called American Athlete Magazine.  The interactive content focuses on the American Athlete’s inner life:  Mind, Body and Spirit. American Athlete differs from other sports publications by going beyond routine event coverage, analysis and stats to present unique information, routines and tools – including guides for mental, physical, and spiritual preparedness for competing at the most intense levels.

American Athlete Magazine is a multi-platform interactive magazine that will include a tablet application, an interactive community website and a mobile website that integrates social media.  In preparation for the release of the digital tablet reader (i.e. Ipad) edition and website, The DavidHenry Agency has initiated a pre-launch communications program to introduce American Athlete to its various audiences.

“The response to our editorial staff and management from professional and amateur athletes, doctors, coaches, trainers, nutritionists and other subject matter experts has been nothing short of phenomenal. Market research and feedback indicates that most sports and fitness magazines seem to have a ‘recycled’ approach to their content and features, or only focus on certain aspects of a sport or fitness and health”, said David Fink, President and Chief Communications Officer of DHA, and Founder of American Athlete Magazine.  “Our goal is to give our readers a deeper, richer experience complete with content that educates, entertains and inspires athletes in any sport.  I am excited to report that we have an unbelievable team that is putting the final touches on our community site and premiere issue right now.”  American Athlete Magazine is launching its interactive community site in December of this year, and the tablet application will be available in early 2012.

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The DavidHenry Agency Launches NFL Alumni Website!


As the marketing and communications partner for The NFL Alumni, The David Henry Agency recently launched The website represents The NFL Alumni’s two distinct non-profit membership organizations, the NFL Alumni Association and NFL Alumni Charities. The NFL Alumni serves its retired player members and their families through the NFL Alumni Association and supports youth and community charities through NFL Alumni Charities.

Through the redesign and launch of, The NFL Alumni is focused on increasing their members’ visitation and utilization of online resources and updating the association’s members in real time regarding strategic partnerships, benefits updates, organizational appointments, and charitable initiatives. The NFL Alumni’s Executive Director and President, George Martin, keeps the website fresh with daily updates to his blog and all retired players are encouraged to visit the website and read and comment on George’s postings.

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